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Homeland (season 7)

16,304 views Comments (4)


12 episodes

Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer is on post-trial supervision in the way of completing a risky Baghdad maneuver. Accordingly, she was reallocated to Counter mongering focus. In Iraq Carrie had a warning about American detainee, turned by terrorists of Al-Qaeda. When marine Nicholas Brody was saved after he has been held as a prisoner since early 2003, she presumes that he could be that person. While sergeant is going home as a hero, Carrie is doing everything that is crucial to get him out. (more…)


Murdoch Mysteries (season 11)

11,191 views Comments (0)

Murdoch Mysteries

20 episodes

The action of the serial “Murdoch Mysteries” unfolds in the distant 19th century. Residents of Toronto are concerned about the increasing number of murders that occur under mysterious circumstances. Detective William Murdoch has to take up the investigation. He uses in practice knowledge of criminalistics, a science of which no one has known before. Judicial physician Julia helps the talented detective in the investigation of the murders. She is still a young lady, distinguished by a good upbringing. Looking at Julia, no one even thinks that this young lady in a skirt opens corpses, and also conducts the necessary examinations. (more…)


Cover Versions (2018)

289 views Comments (0)

Cover Versions

On the eve of their biggest scale performance at the music festival, four members of the synth-group Starfoxy plan to relax, however the party with sex and drugs ends with the body of their lifeless fan flying in the pool. They thought they could relax, enjoy the company of beautiful girls, but everything went wrong. When the police starts a poll of eccentric rockers, each of them will tell their own version of the events of the last night.


Criminal Minds (season 13)

19,111 views Comments (0)


22 episodes

The TV series “Criminal Minds” tells about the division of the best agents of the FBI, who are able to analyze and clearly define the next step of even the most ingenious criminal, so that they manage to prevent crimes before it is committed. In those situations when ordinary criminalists are powerless, this unit always appears. They are not accustomed to paying attention to the evidence … they act by a method of detailed analysis of everything that happens, not infrequently they have to put themselves in the place of the criminal in order to get to the bottom of the truth. (more…)


Ordeal by Innocence (season 1)

4,309 views Comments (0)

Ordeal by Innocence

3 episodes

In the center of the narration in the series “Ordeal by Innocence” there is a noble family which has endured a terrible tragedy. Two years ago Jack Argyll has been accused of murder of the foster mother. Though the man assured that he didn’t commit a crime, he didn’t manage to prove the innocence. Jack has been sent to prison where has soon died. It has begun to seem only to other family members that they could leave the tragedy in the past as their quiet and measured life was broken by appearance of the person ready to prove that Jack really didn’t commit murder.


Marcella (season 2)

2,054 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

The action of the series “Marcella” unfolds around the heroine named Marcella. Previously, she worked in the police, but went to work with children, she became a housewife. Her husband earns well by working in a huge company. However, the heroine wants to help with the old deeds that she investigated. Some incidents forced them to reopen them and start reviewing them. All this seems to trigger a series of events that crush the heroine. She discovers that her husband is cheating on her, everything is not as she thought, her life seems to be falling apart. After all, when she left work for the family, she thought that everything would be different, a peaceful, quiet life. In addition, her husband is also implicated in the very investigation. (more…)


Insidious: The Last Key (2018)

1,092 views Comments (0)

Insidious: The Last Key

The movie “The Astral: The Last Key” continues the mystical adventures of the female psychic Elise Rainier, who with all her might opposes the evil and demons of the dark side of the Astral. Being a brave medium and an experienced parapsychologist, having already seen a lot of mysterious cases with manifestations of ghosts, demonic and dangerous forces, and repeatedly entering into battle with them for the souls and lives of various innocent people, now she goes to her home where she should meet and cope with the ghosts of her past.


4 episodes

The plot of the new series “The City and the City” is teleadaptation of the novel by China Tom Miéville, a British science fiction writer of the same name. The original work tells of an investigation with the appearance of a common crime, when the corpse of a young woman was found on the streets of Beszel, a suburb town in Europe. Inspector Borle sees this as an ordinary routine, but with the beginning of the investigation, the inspector has to move to a neighboring city, and this proves to be a real test.


Annihilation (2018)

705 views Comments (0)


It is a science fiction with a philosophical bias. After a strange object crashes into the lighthouse, a new form of life spreads across the Earth. The action in the movie “Annihilation” takes place in our reality. Suddenly a strange glow appears in the forest area, which all devours and grows slowly. For 3 years, no one expedition has returned from there. The main heroine and 4 more women organize the next expedition. After they move to the zone of anomalies, adventures begin. Girls notice that everything around is alive and different, nature presses them on the psyche by their uniqueness and unlikeness to the natural world. The consequences of such reflection arise for each their own.


A Cure for Wellness (2017)

4,325 views Comments (0)

A Cure for Wellness

The events of the movie “A Cure for Wellness” unfold in one of the “wellness center” in Switzerland, where for fabulous money the old men have rest, including a high-ranking man, to whom the board of directors decided to take all the sins. To do this, he must be taken away from the center for several days, to sign necessary papers. For this purpose, the main character is sent there. That’s just no one wants to leave a warm place, and the main character will have to stay there for a “random” coincidence. But every day he begins to understand that the director of this center is clearly hiding something about both the diagnosis and the methods of treatment. In general, something strange happens in this place.